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A sequel to Small Soldiers is planned by Dreamworks.  A writing team is working on the script right now.  If you don't remember it, Small Soldiers came out 9 years ago, 1998.  It was about toys that had military chips in them that malfunctioned and caused them to come to life and attack a suburban family as the family fought back.  it was a decent kid's movie.

Halle Berry says a Storm, X-Men spinoff movie will not happen or at least not with her.  Good because no one wanted to see you as Storm again or even have a Storm movie, she sucks.

George Lucas says Indy Jones will be the age he's supposed to be like Harrison Ford.  Ford never had to do anything physically demanding for the roll so his age won't matter.  He will get beat up a lot like Indy always does though.  They are still trying to get Sean Connery to sign on to the movie.

Brittany Snow will star in the remake of Prom Night.  The original came out in 1980 and was one of the early films trying to capitalize on the sudden popularity of slasher flicks.  It even had scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis in a major role right after her Halloween success.  The plot is sort of like I Know What You Did Last Summer(it's obvious that movie ripped of this movie's plot).  Teens at their prom are stalked and killed by a masked figure, who they know is the father of a child they accidentally killed 6 years earlier.  It was a dumb movie but slashers seem to all be getting remade now.

Tobey Maguire has gone back on his earlier notion of never playing Spidey again.   He says if they want to do a part 4 and they come up with a good story to tell and the whole team wants to do it again, he wouldn't be opposed. 

Paul Haggis, the Academy Award winning director/writer of Crash, is working on a film that will focus on Susan McDougal and her involvement in the Whitewater real estate scandal.  If you remember the scandal was connected from her and her husband to Preisdent Bill Clinton and Hilary.  The movie is mainly about McDougal and her time in prison. Charlize Theron is in talks to star.

Area 51, based on the popular arcade and console video game, will see a specialist come in to the famous area and investigate an outbreak that could be extra-terrestrial.  Grant Morrison, a popular comic book author, is writing the script.

Hey yo, dig this pick of Optimus Prime in the upcoming Transformers movie.

Shia LeBouf says that Transformers will be about 2 and a half hours long.

Mark Wahlberg says The Departed sequel is unlikely at this point.  He says it's just like the long rumored Brazilian Job, sequel to Italian Job, until the script gets to the point where it's better than the original, he won't do it.  He says he's never been in a sequel and except for the Godfather he can't think of a sequel that was ever as good as the first.

Disturbia writer Christopher Landon is planning a remake of the 1983 horror film Christine.  Based on a novel by Stephen King, the original movie followed the '58 Plymouth Fury that killed people because it was possessed by evil.  Horror legend John Carpenter directed the original.  Landon says this new version would focus more on the way the book went, where the kid who got the car was becoming possessed by the former owner and not just about a car killing people.  The original film, while kind of dumb, was a pretty decent horror flick.

New trailers:

Live Free or Die Hard-A longer trailer for the upcoming 4th Die Hard movie.  Bruce Willis is back as officer John McClain who is getting some help from his son, played by Justin Long.  In theaters July 4.

Kickin' It Old Skool-The Latest movie from actor/comedian Jaime Kennedy sees him as a child break dancer in the 80s who falls of a stage and ends up in a coma to wake up 20 years later and find the world is different and now he has to win back his old girlfriend and catch up on the times.  In theaters April 27.

Martian Child-John Cusack stars as a single, author of fantasy who is asked to take car of a young boy who claims he is from Mars.  Amanda Peet and Joan Cusack also star.  In theaters June 29.

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