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Julia Stiles will star in and produce The Bell Jar, an adaptation of the only novel poet Sylvia Plath ever wrote.  Stiles will star as Esther Greenwood, a young book editor in the 1950s, who starts to feel trapped by society and descends into madness(classic depressing Plath).  Tristine Skyler will write the script  and shooting begins early next year.

The new action/sci-fi film I Am Legend based on the classic vampire tale and starring Will Smith is costing upwards of $150 million.  One elaborate and expensive sequence that cost $5 million alone sees a group of survivors meeting at the pier near Brooklyn Bridge and trying to get across, this scene alone needed the consent of 14 gov't agencies, a crew of 250, 1,000 extras and 160 members of the National Guard in full gear.  Hopefully unlike some expensive sequences in past films, this one actually makes it into the movie.

John Travolta will star with his real life wife Kelly Preston and Robin Williams in Old Dogs, a new buddy comedy for Disney being directed by the director of Wild Hogs.  Travolta who starred in Hogs which became a huge box office sucess and Williams play two old friends that are business partners that find their lives turned upside down when they have to take care of 7 year old twins.  Travolta's daughter will have a role in the film.

Val Kilmer, Wilmer Valderamma, and Marg Helgenberger will star in the crime thriller Columbus Day.  Kilmer plays a thief who has just one chance to fix a bank job that has gone bad all while trying to hold his marriage together.  Valeramma plays a long time associate of Kilmer's who helps plan the heist.

The HD-DVD/Blu-Ray battle continues in the format wars and Wal-Mart could play a part in the battle.  The store chain is set to release a cheap HD-DVD player that will be below $299 next year from their own brand. 

Here is a plot description for the 4th movie in the Saw series: Jigsaw still haunts the living in Saw IV, forcing them to appreciate life, or face death. As a continuation of Saw III, Jeff must find his daughter and escape the building to which they are confined before they both die. After finding another tape of Jigsaw, Jeff realizes there may be a newly added piece of the puzzle that he must decipher before it’s too late.

Zach Braff has turned downt he role of Fletch in the upcoming sequel Fletch Won(actually think it's a prequel as it was the first book).  The film is being produced and directed by Braff's friend Bill Lawrence, the producer and creator of Scrubs and Spin City.  The new Fletch movie has been through a lot, going from Kevin Smith who wanted Jason Lee to star to Lawrence.  Lawrence is in New York looking for the new Fletch, I think he should just cast Smith's choice Jason Lee.  Braff can't do the film due to a schedule conflict.  Lawrence and Braff will film the 7th and final season of Scrubs this fall.  The original Fletch films were big hits for Chevy Chase and are hilarious pieces of comedy gold, you should check em out if you have never seen em.

Paul W.S. Anderson will write and direct a remake of the cult classic Death Race 2000.  Released in 1975 by Roger Corman and starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone, the movie is about a future where the president presides over a deadly race from New York to LA and where you gain more points by mowing down bystanders.  Jason Statham is in talks to star.

The long time in development film The Rum Diary based on a novel by gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson(Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) is finally back in the works.  With Johnny Depp still attached to star as he did in Fear and Loathing, the movie is now being handled by the guys behind Lucky Number Slevin which turned out to be one of better films released last year.

Sam Raimi(director of the Spidey films) confirms that Sony Pictures will do a 4th, 5th and 6th installments of Spider-Man, no word if any of those will include him or any of the prior cast.

I didn't know there was a The Birds remake in the works and the thought of that is sickening enough but now I read that they are making hte cause of the Birds going crazy an environmental problem where as the Hitchcock classic just had nutso birds and no rhyme or  reason and that's what made it more terrifying.  Just sad what studios will do for a buck.

New Trailers:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- The full US trailer for the 5th installment of the Potter series.  This time around we see Harry  and his friends forming an army of their own as the dark wizard Voldemort begins his return to power.  In theaters July 13.

Run, Fatboy, Run- Simon Pegg(Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) stars in this comedy about a guy getting in shape to win back his girlfriend by winning a marathon.  Written by funny actor/comedian Michael Ian Black and directed by Friends star David Schwimmer.  In theaters this fall.

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