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Back in 2004 right around the same time the new Dawn of the Dead was being released, a British comedy/horror spoof of zombie films was also released.  That film was Shaun of the Dead and not only was it a hit in England but it became a sensation in America as well, slowly growing an adoring fan base in the US after it's video release.  Shaun of the Dead was a brilliant mix of quick British wit with stylized American zombie violence in an overall hilarious package that was supremely well done and is a personal favorite.  Now that team is back with another great one, Hot Fuzz.  Edgar Wright once again directs and co-wrote the screenplay with the film's star Simon Pegg(also the star of Shaun).  Nick Frost returns as well to be the funny sidekick in this one.  After spoofing zombies, this time they spoof action movies and more concisely cop action movies.

Nick Angel(Pegg) is a top cop in London.  He's always about business and goes by the book.  Jealous and upset that he's making them look bad, his superiors get him promoted but transferred to a small town in the country.  Once there he's paired with a half-wit, bumbling officer that is the boss' son, Danny Butterman(Frost).  Angel brings his by the book methods to the quiet town that is much more laid back from his methods.  But strange "accidents" begin to happen that Nick rightly assumes are murders and he begins to investigate.  The rest of the town thinks he's crazy and writes all of the incidents off as accidents.  Soon Nick and Danny stumble across the truth about this little village and must do what's right.  What happens is one of the greatest action sequences and shootouts ever and it also happens to be the most hilarious action sequence ever.

This is one of the funniest, most brilliant films I've ever seen.  Action movies, in particular American action movies, are spoofed and mocked so well it's scary.  Two of the films mentioned in the movie specifically Bad Boys 2 and Point Break can be taken as the direct inspiration, especially Bad Boys as the last 30 minutes of the film plays out exactly like a Jerry Bruckheimer action film.  This film is full of the quick wit that has come to be known in Edgar Wright films. 

The actors are all hilarious and great in their roles.  The final 30 minutes of this movie is some of the best in comedic history.  It just needs to be seen, I can't tell you about it, you have to see it.  Pegg and Frost are truly masters at their craft and provide a great duo in comedy with yet another big success for them. 

A great movie and certainly one of the funniest films I've ever seen.  A must see for all.

5 stars out of 5
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