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After his last role in the more dramatic comedy Stranger than Fiction, Will Ferrell returns to goofy comedy that he does so well with Blades of Glory.  He teams up with some of his Frat Pack brothers like Luke Wilson who had a cameo role and Ben Stiller who served as a producer. 

The movie opens on the world championships of figure skating and the two big rivals of the "sport" Chazz Michael Michaels(Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy(Jon Heder) competing for the gold.  The two end up tying for the Gold but a fight on the pedestal when they receive the medals causes the two to be banned for life from men's singles skating.  I thought it was cool that William Daniels, Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World was the committee president.  Anywho, we cut to three years later and MacElroy is working in a sporting goods stor and Michaels skates for some kids show on ice.  MacElroy learns from a crazed, stalker fan(hilariously portrayed by comedian Nick Swarsdon) that he can still compete in pairs skating.  But the only person who will skate with him is Michaels.  The two team up with help from MacElroy's old coach, Coach himself Craig T. Nelson.  Their main competition in pairs is a brother/sister duo played by real life husband and wife Will Arnett and Amy Poehler.

While certainly not at the hilarity level of Anchorman or Old School, this is a pretty funny Ferrell movie.  I thought he was hilarious as usual in this movie.  One of my favorite comedians is Nick Swarsdon and he was absolutely hilarious as a sicko stalker named Hector.  This movie didn't have the typical quotable lines that fill Ferrell movies but it was good enough.  A good movie and enjoyable watch.  I recommend it for some laughs.

3.5 stars out of 5
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